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Sketches everywhere

Learn the basics of drawing from the comfort of your home

about `sketches everywhere´

This online workshop is conformed of one practice & one final piece each class where I will guide you in an easy way and describe the entire process step by step. Every class is packed with important information and tips, including gathering inspiration, materials, organizing your space, and more. Is perfect for anyone who would like to create amazing sketches everywhere you go - no matter your experience you will learn some of the key skills needed to observe and draw beautifully.

What to expect from

this online workshop?


`Sketches Everywhere´ is made up of three classes (one per week) of 90 min each.

I create these classes as a fun and relaxing way to encourage and free up your imagination.

You will learn about fundaments of proportion, light and shade, and the basic steps to create depth.

A simple approach to drawing will help you grow in confidence and express yourself visually.

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In this course you will:

Each class is adapt to all student’s needs to give you the guidance and help you need to develop your artistic skills.

  • Explore the different qualities of pencil & charcoal

  • Get things started with warm-up exercises

  • Work with still-life set pieces and reference images

  • Develop different sketching techniques

  • Understand the basics of perspective and proportions

  • Receive guidance and feedback

WHat you will need? 

  • A device with a camera and microphone

  • You will recieve an email with the practice and the images that we will use as a reference for the class

  • Organic objects with texture like fruits, vegetables, shells, vases, mugs or bowls.

  • Soft pencils or charcoal, sharpener and an eraser

  • Any sketchbook in any size 90gr-120gr 

A note: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive class, you will required to have video turned on.

Once the payment is recieve, I wil send you an email with further instructions  and the material for the class. If you have any questions regarding the content of the classes or you are interested on a different individual or gruop  art class fill the CONTACTThank you for your interest in my workshops.

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