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Watercolor custom portrait!!
A special gift for newly-engaged couples, parents-to-be, new parents, anniversaries, birthdays or any other special milestone or occasion!

The illustration will be my artistic interpretation of your photo and not a hyper-realistic translation (let me know your preferences), i.e. facial features may not be an exact likeness.

What this listing means:
▲ Watercolor custom portrait. Send me a photo of your love one and I will paint it for you.
▲ Available for up to 2 figures (person/animal)
▲ Single portrait A4 size
▲ Frame is not included.
▲ Hand painted and signed by the artist Cecilia Lopez.

The paper used for my watercolors paintings is  Grain fine 300g/140lbs

La compra de esta impresión no transfiere los derechos de reproducción
© Ceciloel Studio 2017

Muchas gracias por visitar mi tienda! ♥

Watercolor Portrait

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